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Xidian University was founded in 1931 and since then has educated more than 200,000 graduates. It is focused mainly on research into science innovation, electronics and information technology across a range of subjects including engineering, economics and the social sciences. The university operates under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Education and is part of the Project 211 and Project 85 Innovative Platforms for Key Disciplines Project, which provide funding to raise the standard of research at top-performing universities in China. Of the university’s roughly 31,000 students, about 21,000 are undergraduates with about 9,000 postgraduates and about 1,800 PhD students. They are taught by an academic faculty of more than 1,900 full-time staff members. The university runs more than 50 undergraduate programmes, nearly 80 master’s programmes and 40 doctoral programmes across its 17 schools.  It is one of 35 universities in China to have a School of Software and one of nine to have a School of Microelectronics. The university is located in the historic city of Xi’an, which was the starting point for the Silk Road and was also where many Chinese dynasties established their capitals. It has two campuses – north and south – that cover 270 hectares and a building area of more than 1.3m square metres. Xidian University has collaborative relationships with more than 100 universities and higher education institutions in more than 80 countries. The university has also set up joint laboratories with multinational corporations such as IBM, Microsoft and Intel. The university also conducts two international undergraduate programmes: one with École Polytechnique de l'Université de Nantes in France and another with Heriot-Watt University in the Edinburgh, Scotland. 
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