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University of Tunis El Manar (UTM), founded in 2000, offers a wide range of degrees in law, literature, environmental sciences, health sciences, medicine, economics, engineering and technology, sciences, humanities, IT, social sciences. It is one of the best universities in Tunisia. UTM’s partners include Université Paris-Dauphine, University Blaise Pascal-Clermont-Ferrand II, University Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne in France, University of California in the US, and The Berlin School of Economics and Law and Bremen University in Germany. Students can take part in swimming, tennis, dance, aerobics, basketball and football on campus. UTM also organises an annual arts and sports festival involving music, poetry, painting, tennis, chess, handball and swimming, as well as a Science Festival with round tables, debates, trips to laboratories and natural sites, and film screenings. In addition, UTM is located in Tunis - the Tunisia's capital city with the highest concentration of students, given it hosts six universities. As a capital city, Tunis has a rich nightlife and history. Its medina, dating from the eighth century, is made of narrow streets with stray cats and artisan shops, all leading to the mosque. The old Carthage amphitheatre hosts an annual festival of performing arts. The Bardo Ottoman palace prides itself on its possession one of the biggest collections of Roman mosaics in the world. Twenty kilometers away, the village of Sidi Bou Saïd, painted by Paul Klee and August Macke, can be a mesmerising blue and white weekend getaway. Famous alumni include Tunisian children’s author Samar Samir Mezghanni, Tunisian lawyer, politician, and former Prime Minister, Samia Abbou, and former Prime Minister Mehdi Jomaa.
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