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The University of Sannio (or Università degli Studi del Sannio, also known as UNISANNIO) was founded in 1998, but has been part of the University of Salerno at the outset. The university is located in Benevento, Campania in Southern Italy and has a student body of almost 6,000 who are studying for courses at both undergraduate and graduate level. It has a range of on-campus facilities available for students including libraries, a language centre, student accommodation, canteens, a language centre and a computer laboratory. It is divided into four faculties: the faculty of law; the faculty of engineering; the faculty of economics and business science and the faculty of sciences; covering the fields of business organisation, economics, electronic engineering, energy engineering, computer engineering, civil engineering, biotechnology, biology, geology, the environment, statistics and law. The origins of the city of Benevento date back to 274BC and it has a rich and varied history, having been inhabited by the Samnites, the Romans and the Lombards. It was an important trading station in Ancient Rome, as the Via Appia trade route developed between Rome and Brindisi. It is located in a valley and is bisected by the Calore and Sabato rivers, as well as bordered on the west by the Taburno-Camposauro massif and on the east, by the Daunian Mountains, as well as the Matese mountains to the northwest and The Montevergine, a limestone massif in the south. It’s now a regional centre for Southern Italy and is known for its production of vine, olives and tobacco.
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