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Campinas is a city in the Sao Paulo state region, and is home to the main campus of the State University of Campinas (UniCamp). The multi-discipline university also has affiliate campuses in Brazilian cities such as Limeira and Paulínia. Campinas is known not only for its temperate climate at the Tropic of Capricorn but also its wide range of cultural centres such as dozens of cinemas and bars, known locally as “barzinhos”.  The university was opened in 1966, and although one of Brazil’s younger institutions has established itself as a primary medical and scientific research centre. As part of this research and development the university produces a high amount of patented material, outstripping other larger institutions and companies. A major breakthrough was achieved in 2003 when scientists from UniCamp licensed a patent for genetic death detection, and in more recent years scientists at UniCamp have developed a test for detection of the Zika virus.  Also in Campinas and maintaining a strong working relationship with UniCamp is the National Synchrotron Light Laboratory. This institute is a benefit to students studying physics and nanotechnology, and is home to the only particle accelerator in South America. Outside of the sciences, students at UniCamp may take undergraduate courses in arts such as Dance and Communication Studies, or in humanities such as Business Administration and Social Sciences.  International undergraduates will need to sit an exam before acceptance, which will require a strong understanding of the Portuguese language. Like all state run universities, both Brazilian and international students do not pay tuition fees. The most common airport for international students to fly into is the Guarulhos International Airport, located around 135km from the Campinas campus.  Alumni of UniCamp include actor Petrônio Gontijo, historian and gay rights activist Luiz Mott, and economist Paulo Renato Souza.
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