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The University of Agriculture, Faisalabad (UAF) was founded in 1906 as a means to improve and accelerate agricultural development in the region of Punjab, Pakistan. The current day UAF is a public university whose primary focus remains on agricultural and agrarian development, offering courses in subjects such as farming, food engineering, veterinary sciences and animal husbandry. In more recent years, UAF has also expanded its academic portfolio to include courses in a diverse range of subjects across the natural sciences, social sciences, the arts and business management. The main university campus is situated at the centre of Faisalabad, Pakistan’s third most populous city. As a large campus, it incorporates a number of green open spaces and combines modern and classical architecture, as well accommodation for a significant number of its students. The university’s aims are to support the development of Pakistan as a prosperous and resilient nation whose future food-security is assured; to promote lifelong learning; to champion agrarian reforms; to encourage sustainable farming and food systems; and to extend knowledge to the local community via outreach initiatives. Among the university’s most notable alumni are they Islamic religious leader Mirza Masroor Ahmad and the scientist Dr Ashraf Choudhary, who was also previously a Member of the New Zealand parliament. Away from campus, students of UAF have easy access to the cosmopolitan city of Faisalabad. As a major urban metropolis, it is one of Pakistan’s main centres for commerce and industry, as well as having large rural outskirts with agrarian lifestyles are the norm. Sport is popular in the city, which has its own cricket team, the Faisalabad Wolves based at Iqbal Stadium. Other popular sports include hockey and snooker, and the city has local teams that compete at international level.
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