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Université Hassan II de Casablanca is a public university located in Aïn Chock, an arrondissement and southern suburb of Casablanca, Morocco. It was established in 1975. There are approximately 24,000 students enrolled at present, 12,000 of which are undergraduates and 9,000 of which are postgraduate. There are over 1,100 full-time faculty teachers and professors, making it the third largest university in Morocco. Faculties include the faculty of law, economic and social sciences, the faculty of medicine and pharmacy, the faculty of dentistry, the faculty of sciences and the faculty of arts and humanities. There is also a graduate school of technology and a school of mechanical engineering. The National School of Business and Management of Casablanca (ENCG Casablanca), located in Aïn Sebâa was established in 2007 and frequently tops the lists of the best business schools in the country. Arabic and French are the key teaching languages and for some courses like law and international law, both languages are imperative. Although all technical courses are offered in French only. The Université Hassan II de Casablanca is a member of the International Association of Research Universities (IARU). Foreign students are largely from French-speaking countries: Senegal, Democratic Republic of Congo, Congo, Mauritania, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Mali, Yemen, Indonesia, Malaysia, and France. The Library of Mohammad Sykat spans six floors with a total area of 7,000 square metres with 40,000 textbooks, 20,000 electronic online journals and 550 ancient manuscripts and 600 ancient books.
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