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Located in the city of Temuco in southern Chile, the Universidad Autónoma de Chile is a private university providing both undergraduate and postgraduate education in a variety of subjects. Temuco is a relatively young city, having been established 108 years before the university itself, in 1881. A diverse city with a strong native-Chilean identity, it has a moderate climate and a large student population. The university was established in August 1989, as an independent non-profit institution under the name Autonomous University of the South. In 2005 the university began the process of incorporating a modern university campus, now known as the Providencia campus, and a year later adopted its current name. Over time, the university has built and acquired a number of new buildings and departments, and as a result is now able to boast of a wide range of facilities and departments. This includes modern libraries, anatomy, biology and histology labs, numerous computer labs, and dedicated kindergarten facilities. As well as this, the university also has a number of recreational facilities such as gyms, auditoriums and reading rooms. There are a number of faculties at the university covering a wide range of subjects, including health and social sciences, law, education, engineering and architecture among others. Temuco itself is one of the largest cities in Chile, and home to a number of other universities with a strong student culture. Temuco is a major centre of tourism as well, providing easy access to the Andes mountains. As such, the city is able to provide a great deal of activities and recreational areas for students.
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