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Tokyo Tech’s three campuses — two in Japan’s clean, vibrant capital, and one in adjacent Yokohama — create a comfortable setting for a unique study experience. The long-cherished practical science and engineering education provided by the Institute allows all students to experience research from an early stage. Findings from research institutes such as ELSI are fed back into curricula, and as laboratory members, students are in close contact with the world’s top researchers. The Institute’s hands-on approach is reflected in graduate employability rankings, in which Tokyo Tech consistently excels. Tokyo Tech provides full degree programs in English at all levels. The Global Scientists and Engineers Program (GSEP) is a transdisciplinary Bachelor of Engineering program, while the International Graduate Programs (IGP) cater to those hoping to pursue more advanced science or engineering degrees in Japan. Various scholarships are available. Tokyo Tech 2030 statement Overview of Tokyo Tech Free online courses from TokyoTechX   Schools and Departments Science Mathematics Physics Chemistry Earth and Planetary Sciences Engineering Mechanical Engineering Systems and Control Engineering Electrical and Electronic Engineering Information and Communications Engineering Industrial Engineering and Economics Materials and Chemical Technology Materials Science and Engineering Chemical Science and Engineering Computing Mathematical and Computing Science Computer Science Life Science and Technology Life Science and Technology Environment and Society Architecture and Building Engineering Civil and Environmental Engineering Transdisciplinary Science and Engineering Social and Human Sciences Technology and Innovation Management / Innovation Science Interdisciplinary graduate majors Artificial Intelligence Urban Design and Built Environment Energy Science and Engineering Engineering Sciences and Design Human Centered Science and Biomedical Engineering Nuclear Engineering Research Laboratories, Centers, Units Laboratory for Future Interdisciplinary Research of Science and Technology Laboratory for Materials and Structures Laboratory for Chemistry and Life Science Laboratory for Advanced Nuclear Energy Cell Biology Center International Research Center of Advanced Energy Systems for Sustainability Advanced Research Center for Social Information Science and Technology  Global Hydrogen Energy Unit Advanced Data Analysis and Modeling Unit Advanced Computational Drug Discovery Unit Hybrid Materials Unit Biointerfaces Unit Innovative Heterogeneous Catalysis Unit Advanced Nuclear Fuel Cycle Unit Clean Environment Unit Nanospace Catalysis Unit All Solid-State Battery Unit Quantum Computing Unit
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