The Islamia University of Bahawalpur



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The Islamia University of Bahawalpur is a public university in Bahawalpur, Punjab, Pakistan. Founded in 1925 as a religious institution, the university was renamed and opened up to secular candidates in 1975. The university is large, spread across 1,416 acres of land with a student population of more than 25,000. Teaching and research is split between 45 departments, with courses offered across 74 different disciplines. The core subjects taught at Islamia University still include religious affairs and languages, but since the university opened it has expanded to cover areas including business, engineering, agricultural, law, arts, education and veterinary sciences. Islamia University students are encouraged to take part in the various social clubs and extracurricular activities that run alongside the university’s academic studies, from debating to arts and a quiz club. Sport is integral to campus life, and Islamia University students take part in a number of inter-collegiate and national competitions. The university also has its own drama society and studio, as well as a campus radio station, which is run by the students. The university’s Sir Sadiq Muhammad Khan Library holds more than two million books and is open seven days a week. Meanwhile, careers counselling and jobs fairs are organised by the university’s career development centre through the year. On-site accommodation housing up to 6,000 students and 200 faculty members is available across several of the university’s main campuses. Bahawalpur itself is a large city, with a population of more than 760,000. From the main campus sites, students can visit shopping malls, restaurants and Bahawalpur Zoo.
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