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Sohag University, an independent institution in Egypt, is a relatively young university, established in 2006. Prior to this, most of the university’s faculties existed either as branches of other institutions or as independent schools. Since uniting under the banner of Sohag University the institution has grown, and now has tens of thousands of students. The ten faculties of the university are: Science, Education, Engineering, Medicine, Agriculture, Nursing, Commerce, Arts, Veterinary Science and Industrial Education. Sohag University’s defines its vision as to becoming one of Egypt’s educational and cultural centres, to aid its community and to prepare its students for the world of work. It is a partner in Freie Universität Berlin’s Gender Equality in the Egyptian Higher Education System Project, helping to develop equal opportunities in Egyptian universities. Facilities at the university include a genetic engineering laboratory, an archaeological research centre, a plastic surgery department and a German language centre. Sohag University has a good reputation for archaeology, and it is the publishing centre for the Egyptian Journal of Archaeological and Restoration Studies (EJARS). This international academic journal publishes papers on Egyptology and Islamic archaeology, as well as excavation reports. The city of Sohag is sometimes called the Bride of the Nile, thanks to its placement on the bank of Africa's longest river. There are a handful of archaeological and historical sites in the city, such as the beautiful Coptic Red Monastery, built in the fourth century. However, Sohag is not as well-known as some of Egypt’s major archaeological sites. This works to its advantage in some ways, making it a more laid-back and authentically Egyptian place than some of the country’s tourist hot spots. 
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