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The National University of Cuyo is the largest centre for higher education in the Mendoza province in Argentina. Mendoza is a stunning combination of mountains and vineyards where you can enjoy the snow-capped mountain peaks while sipping a glass of local wine. Although the city has a European feel with its lakes, nightlife and bistros, adventure tourism with snowboarding, skiing, biking, paragliding, horse-riding, fishing, climbing, hiking and rafting in the nearby Andes is available. The university, which was established in 1939, has 12 faculties including arts and plastic design, engineering, economic sciences, exact and natural sciences, medicine, social and political sciences, law, dentistry, humanities, agricultural sciences, elementary and special needs education and applied sciences. The school offers different masters degrees and PhDs in energy, engineering and physics. The university also houses the Balseiro Institute, which is the most developed institute of physics research in Argentina, located in the city of San Carlos de Bariloche in the province of Río Negro. UNCuyo’s mission is to improve education in Argentina, an objective that the university has succeeded in achieving through offering technical education in four other cities in Mendoza and operating seven buildings as high schools. If you have a passion for artistic and cultural activities then the university has plenty to offer you. Not only does the university have its own choir, wind quintet, cinema and symphony orchestra, but also a grand theatre where the university ballet performances are held. The university provides recreational programmes to improve the students’ quality of life including swimming, mountaineering, judo, artistic skating, yoga, trekking and acrobatics.
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