M’Hamed Bougara University of Boumerdès



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    58 : 42
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Established on the site of a number of older institutions of higher learning, M’Hamed Bougara University of Boumerdes first opened its doors in its current guise in 1998. The university is named for Colonel Si M'hamed Bougara, a soldier who fought for Algerian independence. Located in the city of Boumerdes, on the northern coast of Algeria overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, the university exists across a number of campuses across the city of Boumerdes, many of which were previously part of smaller institutions. The university provides courses at both undergraduate and postgraduate level within five faculties and one institute, primarily within the field of STEM subjects. These include faculties in the sciences, engineering, law, economics, chemistry and electrical engineering. In order to support these subjects, the university maintains a range of high-quality academic facilities. These include an intensive language centre, library, audio-visual centre, and a dedicated facility for distance learning and off-site study. As well as this the university also works to provide a series of recreational facilities in order to foster a strong student culture and identity. A range of cultural, sporting and scientific activities are held throughout the year, celebrating both domestic and international events. Accommodation at the university is segregated by gender, with the university boasting a notable number of international students.
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