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The Medical University of Warsaw is one of the oldest and the largest medical school in Poland. The first academic department of medicine was created in 1809. It is one the most prestigious schools of medical science affiliated with a number of large hospitals in Poland. The university offers degrees in various faculties of medical sciences ranging from physical therapy to pharmacy. The university actively participates in MEDINE (Thematic Network on Medical Education in Europe) and is recognised by the World Health Organization, WHO. Medical University of Warsaw is also a leading institution in the field of academic research both in clinical as well as theoretical medicine. It has established partnerships with many reputed medical colleges and universities in countries like Germany, France, Sweden, Netherlands, USA, China, Japan and India. It also regularly hosts different types of faculty and student exchanges facilitated through the Erasmus Student Network. Popularly known as MUW, the Medical University of Warsaw comprises of two campuses: Banacha campus and Lindleya Campus. The campuses include student clubs, libraries, sports and rehabilitation centres to facilitate the full-fledged development and growth of students. The university also works in close association with a number of teaching hospitals like the Central Teaching Hospital and the Public Ophthalmic Teaching Hospital. The university offers research grants to students and scholars.
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