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L’institut Agro can trace its roots back to 1830 with the School of Agriculture of Grand Jouan. Agrocampus West was formed in 2008 with the merger of both the School of Agriculture and the National Institute of Horticulture. L’institut Agro was established on January 1st 2020 through the consolidation of SupAgro and Agrocampus West. This new higher education institute aims to be a leader in agroecology, food, and digital and climate transitions through education, research and innovation. The schools has two campuses across three sites: Rennes, Angers and Beg-Meil. The Renners and Angers sites are focused on training and research, and the Beg-Meil site works to support technical agricultural education. Several training pathways are offered at the institution, including: engineering diploma, engineering apprenticeship, professional licences, masters, doctorates, dual degrees, distance learning, as well as lifelong learning programmes. L’institut Agro has a variety of activities and associations to enrich student life, including: agrock, agronautics, horticulture, stem Ggeen and the barley rush. Each campus has a gymnasium with a range of sporting clubs alongside it. In total there are 20 associations and 40 student clubs for students to enjoy during their time at L’institut Agro. The Institute has over 70 partner institutions in countries including Canada, Argentina, Brazil and Chile. They are a part of the Erasmus+ program, promoting the exchanges of education, sport and art in Europe. They are also committed to the Brafagri and Arfagri programs, which promote student exchanges between France, Brazil and Argentina. Some 10 per cent of the student population is international, making for a diverse and lively campus.
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