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Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine is a public university in the city of Kyoto, Japan. Chartered as a university in 1921 as the third oldest in Japan, the school's history can be traced back around 150 years to 1872, with the opening of its predecessor, a hospital and accompanying medical education programme. The hospital was originally modelled on the design of Leipzig University Hospital in Germany. The university has declined to become nationally incorporated in order to retain a degree of academic freedom and independence. The history of Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine Hospital began in 1872. Today, it is designated as a central facility for the treatment of cancer, and is one of 15 centres nationwide for the treatment of childhood cancer. The university has two main divisions – a medical school and a nursing school. Yearly capacity is just over 100 for medical and about 80 for nursing enrollment. The KPUM Medical Care Centre is an official administrative body established in 1971 to send graduate medical doctors to 120 affiliated hospitals, medical agencies and healthcare centres throughout the greater Kyoto region. The Graduate School of Health Nursing was established in 1889 as the University Midwife School. The Children's Medical Care Centre, originally the Paediatric Research Institute was set up in 1979 for severe childhood related diseases that are hard to treat by regular healthcare institutions. Regular exchanges take place with global universities including Oklahoma University in the USA, Hallym University in Korea, University of Leeds in England, University of Edinburgh in Scotland and Cardiff University in Wales.
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