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Kurdistan University of Medical Sciences is a public medical university located in the Iranian city of Sanandaj. The medical university offers undergraduate, graduate, doctoral and post-doctoral courses in various faculties of medicine including medicine, dentistry, healthcare, paramedicine and nursing. It is one of few universities of its kind in the country. The university was established to work as a series of regional healthcare organisational ecosystems to bolster the health capacity of the region. The history of Kurdistan University of Medical Sciences dates back to 1985 when it was a management training centre offering a bachelor degree in nursing and laboratory sciences. In line with its vision to provide physicians and other health professionals with cutting edge educational endeavours, the university has established academic partnerships with leading institutions inside and outside Iran. The university has international partners in countries such as Finland and Ireland. The university has 38 departments. The university has been active in conducting research and is a leading centre of medial research and trials in Iran. There are several high-tech research centres at the university including Liver and Digestive Research Centre, Neurosciences Research Centre, Spiritual Health Centre and Environmental Health Research Centre in the unversity. Kurdistan University of Medical Sciences is currently associated with more than seven hospitals and is actively persuing the policy of international collaboration. The university aims to be a leading centre of medical research in the region and has been making substantial efforts towards facilitating good health care systems.
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