Kazan National Research Technological University

Russian Federation


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Situated in the capital city of the Republic of Tartarstan, Kazan National Research Technological University (KNTU) is Russia’s largest higher education institution for chemistry and technology. KNTU dates back to 1890 when it was known as the Integrated Industrial and Technical College. It became Kazan Polytechnic Institute in 1919 and then, in 1930, its Faculty of Chemistry merged with that of Kazan State University, becoming the Kazan Chemical Technological Institute before eventually becoming a university in 1992 and gaining "National Research" status in 2010, putting it among an elite group of 36 Russian universities. Over 150 courses (bachelor's and master's) are offered by KNRTU to its 26,000 student population across faculties including: chemical engineering and technology; petroleum; chemistry and nanotechnologies; mechanical engineering; chemical and petrochemical industry; polymers; light industry; fashion and design; automated control systems and information technologies; institute of administration; economics and social technologies; food engineering and biotechnology; military education; additional professional education; lifelong education and corporate university. The university’s research priorities, meanwhile, are: chemistry and technology of polymer and composite materials; chemistry and technology of high energy materials; integrated processing of hydrocarbon resources; nanotechnology, nanomaterials and energy and resource saving technologies for advanced materials. KNTU is one of eight Russian universities who are members of UNINET, the Eurasia Pacific University Network. Meanwhile, its international partnerships span 136 universities in 37 countries in Europe, America, Asia and Africa. The university has double degree programmes with Liaoning Shihua University, China and is developing other programmes with universities in Austria and Spain. A recipient of the State Prize of Russia and Tartarstand on several occasions. KNTU is ranked 10 out of 159 technical universities by the Russian Ministry of Education and Science.
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