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Kagoshima University (also known as Kadai) was established as a national university in 1949, following the merger between several higher education establishments including the Seventh Higher School, Kagoshima College of Agriculture and Forestry and Kagoshima College of Fisheries. Its origins, however, can be tracked back to the Hangaku Zoshikan School, which was run by the feudal domain and set up in 1773. Located in the centre of Japanese prefecture of Kagoshima (population approximately: 600,000), it borders the Southern end of the Japanese archipelago and as a result, boasts a natural environment of islands, volcanic mountains and ocean. The university comprises nine faculties, 10 graduate schools and 14 educational and research institutes. There are three campuses, Shimoarata (home to the Faculty of Fisheries), Sakuragaoka (Faculty of Medicine) and Korimoto (Faculties of engineering, science, agriculture, education, humanities and literature). There are also several libraries, museums, research farms and a botanical garden, for public use. The Ibusuki Experimental Botanical Garden is operated by Kadai’s Faculty of Agriculture and is home to many tropical and subtropical plants. Its mild climate and abundant supply of hot volcanic spring water makes it a unique site for genetic conservation and education. Sports facilities available to students include two gymnasiums, a swimming pool, archery field, boat and yacht house. Through the promotion of the southern Kyushu area’s industries, enhancement of medical care and welfare and the conservation of the surrounding area, Kagoshima University is working to nurture the regional community.
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