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Iwate University – named locally as Gandai – is a national university in Morioka, Japan. It has foundations dating back to 1876, however it only became a chartered university in 1949. Three rivers – the Kitakami River, the Nakatsu River, and the Shizukuishi River – merge in the centre of the city, ensuring that the university is surrounded by both a number of historical sights as well as untouched nature and green spaces. In 2016, Iwate University reformed its educational and research structure which ensured that the four faculties were re-organised, and a new academic programme was established. There are several museums on campus such as the Historical Museum for Agricultural Education – an important national cultural property designated by the Japanese government – as well as the more general University Museum. Additional facilities for extracurricular student activities are located on campus, which include athletic fields, tennis courts, gymnasiums, and a swimming pool.The university library is open to students and local residents everyday and houses 850,000 books and journals.There are a number of events held by the university which include both the annual Garden Party, in which students serve typical ethnic dishes from their home countries, an international field trip during summer break which has been to places such as Hokkaido, Miyagi, Fukushima, and Sadogashima, as well as the opportunity to undertake a skiing course during winter break. To support regional education, Iwate University organises an English Camp and a Global English Camp every year hosted through a collaborative effort between Iwate University students and international students from a number of countries whose command of English is excellent. Both groups plan and organise the camp together.
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