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Though founded in 1946, Isfahan University of Medical Sciences traces its lineage to one of the world’s oldest medical schools, founded in the city in 1024/5 by Buali Sina. Buali Sina was a remarkable scholar whose writings insights would inform standard medical practice across the world until the 18th Century. Created as Isfahan High School of Health Education, it became Isfahan University’s Faculty of Medicine in 1950 and began offering six year degrees. Pharmacy was added in 1955 and nursing in 1968, and it remained part of the university until it spun off to become its own university in 1985. That history means that the university remains a neighbour of Isfahan University of Medical Sciences's 400 hectare Hazar Jerib campus, with its panoramic view of Iraq’s second city from the foothills of Mount Soffeh. The campus opened in 1967 and is served by two Metro stations. Other neighbours include the 931-bed al-Zahra hospital, the university's main teaching facility and the centre of a network of 13 affiliated teaching hospitals and more than 20 other hospitals spread across the Isfahan province. There are approximately 10,000 students at the university, all of whom had to pass through a highly competitive admissions process. Among recent developments is the opening in January 2019 of the Health Science and Technology Park with 40 resident companies and a target of 100 companies within two years. Four IUMS researchers were included in a 2016 list of the top one per cent of most-cited medical researchers. It provided the research base for national government decisions on nurse practitioner training in 2018, while recent findings include a 12-year study establishing that nuts are not good for diabetics. A joint study of stomach cancer with Kagashima University, Japan was started in February 2019.
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