Irkutsk State University

Russian Federation


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Irkutsk State University is a public higher education institution based in Irkutsk, south-east Russia. Founded in 1918 by a group of prominent scientists and other community members, Irkutsk State University has since grown to become a major education and research hub for Russia’s Eastern Siberia region. Today, teaching and research takes place across 19 university faculties split into seven education institutes, three core research institutes and a number of specialist centres. Course subjects offered at the institution are wide ranging, from mathematics and sciences to history and journalism. Irkutsk State University is large with over 18,000 students enrolled on courses from pre-bachelor diploma to graduate and postgraduate level. There is a small but diverse number of international students, and the university offers a number of business management courses in English. Conditions in Irkutsk can be harsh – average temperatures in this part of Russia can reach -22 degrees Celsius in winter. The city of Irkutsk itself is relatively large with a population of around 600,000, and has a busy shopping district as well as several parks and museums. The university itself is located within the city centre on the banks of the Angara River. On-site facilities are extensive and include a library, student accommodation, sports facilities, an observatory and botanical gardens. The university has a number of international connections and hosts international student exchange programmes through the year. The institution's list of famous alumni includes the 20th century writer Valentin Rasputin and the prominent Soviet ecologist Evgeny Chernikin.
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