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Hanoi University of Science and Technology is Vietnam’s oldest and largest technical university having been founded in 1956. It was founded in buildings previously used by Indochina (now Vietnam National) University, gave birth to the Universities of Civil Engineering and of Mining and Geology and, after the end of the Vietnam War, sent staff to rebuild Ho Chi Minh City University of Science and Technology. Five of its presidents have also been minister or deputy minister of education and/or science. Although it rebranded to the English name of Hanoi University of Science and Technology in 2010, it has still retained its Vietnamese name of Dai hoc Bach khoa Ha Noi (HUT) and the French Institut Polytechnique de Hanoi. Describing itself as "a multidisciplinary research university in which scientific research is a main force" it declares a "commitment to human development, high-quality workforce training, scientific research, technological innovation and knowledge transfer that serves our country and global society". Admission is highly competitive, with 33,000 students bidding for 6,680 places in June 2019. The strongest students benefit from the Elitech scheme, which includes the 5-year Excellent Engineer Training Programmes leading to a French CTI diploma. The university has identified eight multidisciplinary research strengths including food technology, dynamic engineering and biotechnology and life sciences. It has eight National Key Laboratories and ranked second in the Nature index for Vietnam for 2018-9. The 14 research centres include the International Institute for Materials Science (ITIMS) founded in 1992 and was incorporated into the university in 2004, and the Centre for Rubber Science and Technology formed in 2015 to study one of Vietnam’s largest exports.
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