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The Federal University of São Carlos (UFSCar) was founded in 1968, and until 2006, it was the first and only Federal University in São Paulo. São Carlos – located in the southeast region of Brazil – is one of its most developed areas and is considered the “Capital of Technology” within the state. The university has four campuses, which are named according to the local cities they call home: São Carlos, Araras, Sorocaba and Lagoa do Sino, which is located in the city of Buri. The Araras campus is one of the most important research centres and offers courses in Agronomical Engineering and Biotechnology. The campus of Sorocaba, however, has sustainability as a core focus which drives most of its activities, and has a physical area of about 700 thousand square metres. Interestingly, the more recent Lagoa do Sino campus is established on a 6,430,000 square-metre farm, and houses the centre of nature sciences.The university community also includes important projects, such as a dedicated Health-School Unit, comprised of activities developed by other departments at the university – and involves the teaching departments of Physical Education, Nursing, Physiotherapy, Psychology and Occupational Therapy.There are more than 250 laboratories, a variety of libraries, theatres, amphitheatres, auditoriums, sport gymnasiums, sport grounds with eight courts and two swimming pools, 85 classrooms and over 370 student living quarters.UFSCar has been rewarded with many prizes, including: Best Public University in Brazil countryside, Institutional Merit on Young Scientist Award in 2008, and has been consistently highly ranked when compared to similar universities in Brazil.
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