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The Federal University of Paraná (Universidade Federal do Paraná or UFPR) is a symbol of the perserverance of the city of Curitiba, Brazil.  UFPR was founded in 1912 in Curitiba, capital of the State of Paraná. Shortly after, the First World War broke out. The economic drain of the war lead to a national depression, and in 1920 the government ordered that universities should be closed as a money-saving initiative. To get around this, UFPR split into several colleges. In 1951 the colleges reuinted and UFPR became a free public institution. Over 100 undergraduate programmes, 70 Master’s and 50 PhDs are available at the university. They encompass a comprehensive range of subjects, from accounting to zootechnics. Science students can enjoy access to numerous research labs across different fields. Some of the specialist centres at UFPR include the Laboratory of Electrochemical Surfaces and Corrosion, the Human Cytogenetics Laboratory and the Laboratory for Studies in Environmental Monitoring and Modeling. Curitiba is the easiest Brazilian city to travel around thanks to its pedestrianised blocks and express bus lanes. Students can zip from the university to the Municipal Market, environmental park, panoramic tower and numerous bars. The region is heavily influenced by immigration from Japan, and each year the city holds four Matsuri festivals featuring food stalls and entertainment.
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