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Ege University was established in 1955 as the fourth founded university of Turkey. Ege University, having completed its entire establishment in a span of 20 years, added new units to its body in different periods of time. Ege University is a state university that acts as a focal point for education, research, cultural and social activities in the city of Izmir and the Aegean region of Turkey. Although located in metropolitan İzmir city, Ege University, retains its green atmosphere and offers students a natural educational opportunity in a green campus environment. Additionally, Ege University locates in a region with one of the mildest climates in Turkey. Since its establishment, Ege University, as Turkey’s fourth, and the region’s first and the oldest university, has adopted the principles of contributing to the scientific world on a universal scale by producing knowledge rich in quantity and quality, educating productive individuals and culturally well-equipped researchers who are conscious about local and global facts, and creating a higher added value with its regional strength by prioritizing social benefit.  Ege University encourages and puts high emphasis on both basic and applied research. Ege University positions itself to be one of the most innovative and research-oriented universities in Turkey. It sets its sight on attaining universal quality in terms of education, scientific research and projects. It cooperates with foreign universities for educational and research purposes, and helps to increase the quality of education to the international standards. Having 65,000 enrolled students and approximately 3,000 qualified academic staff, 17 Faculties, 9 Institutes, 15 Vocational and Training Schools and 39 Research and Application Centers; Ege University is aware of the importance of having an infrastructure equipped with modern technologies and have been continuing to invest in educational information technologies and e-learning by embracing a wide range of fields and study disciplines. Ege University, being aware that education is carried out with both theory and practice, offers practical training opportunity to its students. The students are provided with practice and internship opportunities in 92 computer laboratories, 378 scientific research laboratories, 165 student laboratories, studios, ateliers, production plants, farms and greenhouses which are technically equipped for the education and research in the faculties, schools, institutes, and research centers. The faculties and institutes of Ege University are listed as follows: Faculties Faculty of Medicine Faculty of Agriculture Faculty of Engineering Faculty of Fisheries Faculty of Science Faculty of Education Faculty of Nursing Faculty of Dentistry Faculty of Pharmacy Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences Faculty of Communication Faculty of Letters Faculty of Health Science Faculty of Sport Science Faculty of Tourism Faculty of Fine Arts, Design and Architecture Faculty of Islamic Sciences Institutes Graduate School of Health Sciences Graduate School of Education Sciences Graduate School of Social Sciences Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences Graduate School of Solar Energy Graduate School of Nuclear Sciences Graduate School of International Computer Sciences Graduate School of Turkish World Studies Graduate School of Drug Addiction, Toxicology and Drug Science Ege University has the fundamental ideal of achieving excellence and the highest quality in undergraduate and graduate education, in research and in public service by encouraging critical intellectual development, combining research and teaching, redefining educational goals of this millennium by utilizing physical and human resources to provide a better guided learning environment. Ege University is quite dynamic University in terms of artistic, cultural and sports activities. These activities, an important part of life on campus, are carried out and developed extensively. All these activities -67 student clubs, 10 Exhibition Centre, 8 Sports Complex, 2 pools (one indoor – olympic, one outdoor semi-olympic), 1 Central Library and 5 libraries, 7 tennis courts(three of them are indoor), 5 miles walking and bike path, a student village- have taken the great role of being a dynamic university and campus. Ege University as the pioneer university of the region offers a well-organized and friendly atmosphere for the foreign students. The admission criteria have to be approved by the Higher Education Council of Turkey. The University organizes an examination called Ege University Examination for Foreign Students (EGEYÖS) every year. The examination is only for those applicants to enroll in undergraduate (first cycle) programs. The first condition for those wishing to take EGEYÖS is to have a nationality other than Turkish (stateless persons and refugees can also apply). Secondly, they must be in the last year of secondary education or have successfully completed secondary education. In addition to EGE YÖS organized each year, the students are accepted to the undergraduate programs according to the score of one of the international exams they take such as SAT1, ABITUR etc. The international candidates may apply to graduate studies at master or doctorate levels. Applications to graduate programs are processed by Graduate Schools. There are minimum requirements for application to different departments. Exchange students are accepted to Ege University within the framework of the current inter-institutional agreements between Ege University and applicant students’ university. The exchange students can enroll in the courses offered by Ege University and can study either one or two semesters. Ege University is ready for providing a good education and an active university life with 65 years of experience, qualified academic staff and a dynamic and green campus.
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