Chungbuk National University

South Korea


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The Cradle of Creative Talented Students Who Challenge and Explore for The Future CBNU has stunningly improved and developed to cultivate talented students who can contribute to the country and the society since 1951, and has built its determined position as a flagship national university in Korea. The goal of CBNU is to be a “harmonious and balanced university” based on the values of harmony, a “worthy university” based on the values of dignity, and a “challenging university towards the new era” based on the values of future. To achieve the goal, CBNU tries to make students creative and challenging. These two values, that is creativity and challenge, are also the spirit of Jikji. It is a world heritage and also a typical cultural treasure of Chungbuk. It signifies high spirit that heads for the world in company with the region. Based on the vision and goal, CBNU has consistently developed itself as a cradle of creative and talented students, who can lead the 4th industrial revolution with the challenging and pioneer spirit towards another 100 years in the future. Consumer-directed Student Supporting System for Success and Satisfaction of Students CBNU has consecutively ranked top in student satisfaction for 5 years among flagship national universities. It’s because CBNU has a student supporting system for their successful campus life and satisfaction. CBNU thinks that key abilities for students to lead in the changes for the future are CHANGE(Creativity, Humanism, Activeness, Neighbor Minded, Globalism, and Expertise) and tries to support success of students by operating ability-centered education courses and the student supporting system. In addition, CBNU has established ICT-based smart educational environment to expand learner-oriented education based on PBL, Flipped Learning and K-MOOC centered e-learning education. And also CBNU tries to make students satisfied by operating student-customized learning coaching and employment and business startup supporting programs. Innovated Platform in the Ecosystem for Regional Development The top priority of CBNU is to realize its official value, contribution to the community, because it is a flagship national university which was established with financial help and support from the region. Therefore, all the members of CBNU have a mission: engagement with society and dedication to it. They take the initiative in local revitalization and local resilience by solving the problems of the region with consistent and all-encompassing approach, not temporary and piecemeal community services. Furthermore, CBNU drives community innovation along with a Living laboratory by establishing systematic communal development policies based on connection and cooperation with the local government and public organizations. Like this, CBNU, an anchor institution firmly rooted in the region, has developed as an innovated platform in the ecosystem for regional development under a slogan, “dynamic future together.” Highly development of R&D in Local Custom Fields and Enhancement of Industry-University Collaboration Network CBNU has promoted highly development of R&D in the field of intelligent robots, smart cars, energy industry, big data, smart health care, etc. These fields are supposed to be improved and industrialized in the future. Especially, CBNU has boosted its efforts to establish its own brand by acquiring world-class fundamental research capabilities, centered on the ability of research that technology trends need in the local custom industrial environment. Furthermore, CBNU has strengthened industry-university collaboration network with talented students training in the field of newly growing and local custom industries, development of practical technology, technology commercialization, startup supporting, etc. CBNU will be a “global central university in the center of the country.”
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