Autonomous University of the State of Mexico



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The Autonomous University of the State of Mexico was established as a public institution in 1956, but had been the site of higher education institutions for over 100 years previously. It acts as the main public university for the State of Mexico, and as such operates a number of campuses over a wide area. The university is mainly based in the city of Toluca, close to the Mexican capital. A large university, it contributes heavily to Toluca’s large student population. Toluca itself is one of the largest and fastest-growing cities in Mexico and provides a great deal for the UAEM’s students. Toluca is also within driving distance of Mexico City, one of the most heavily populated metropolitan areas in the world and one of Latin America’s most significant capitals. UAEM operates around 10 different campuses across the state, and has access to a wide variety of different academic materials and facilities. This is necessary to support the huge variety of subjects that UAEM has on offer, with nine different fields of study being available at undergraduate level, including mathematics, engineering, social sciences and education, among other things. A smaller number of master’s and doctoral degrees are available, across a narrower band of subjects. In addition to this, the university also maintains a number of joint research and student exchange programmes with universities both inside and outside Mexico, allowing students the opportunity to expand their horizons at other universities. Famous alumni of UAEM include Adolfo Lopez Mateos, a former president of Mexico.
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