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Located in the Egyptian market city of Aswan, Aswan University first opened its doors as a branch of Assuit University in 1976. After becoming a part of the new South Valley University in 1995, Aswan University was established as an independent institution in its own right in 2012. The institution is dedicated to providing teaching in a wide range of subjects, including education, social work, engineering, agriculture and archaeology among many others. To this end, the university plays host to a wide range of high-quality facilities. The city of Aswan itself is one of the warmest in Egypt, and located along the world-famous river Nile. The city lies close to a number of famous archaeological sites that have provided a number of important artefacts of Ancient Egypt, as well as more modern historical sites such as mosques and Coptic churches. These sites include the Unfinished Obelisk, the Archangel Michael’s Coptic cathedral, and the monastery of St Simeon. The university works hard to ensure that students studying related subjects have access to these historical sites when possible. The university provides an integrated care programme for its students, intended to provide housing, study and recreational facilities to best suit their needs. These include a number of dedicated research facilities for the study of plants and animals, science labs and industrial centres, and a university-run information centre and communication network. Aswan University also plays host to a yearly sports festival and regularly competes against other universities in various events.
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